Built for especially demanding applications


Ideal for high volume, heavy duty wood cutting


Special Applications

Maximum precision for a range of critical functions


Perske Shaping Motors
Flexibility for a diverse array of configurations.

In the fields of lumber and materials processing, there is an ever-increasing need for productivity and adaptability. Perske shaping motors rise to the challenge, with features that allow for a variety of shaping operations and a range of tooling options. Designed to handle light-duty or heavy-duty production, these motors increase efficiency in shaping applications for woodworking, plastics, composites, and sheet metals.

Features for versatility:

  • A variety of direct tool mounting options including the popular HSK-C tooling interface, which results in excellent radial and axial precision cutting
  • Ease of changing out custom tool templates for the profile design of a wide range of woodworking and material shaping jobs
  • Optional shaft designs include an outside tool shank and inside bore, a special shaft for hydro-clamping systems, as well as a collet and covernut to allow for flexible shaping tool options

Features for performance:

  • Low profile motors allow for deep woodcutting within tight and precise tolerances to contour arches and scale radius tops on wood, glass, or plastic surfaces
  • A variety of machine bits and collet capacities on KNS motor types allows for shaping and profiling V-grooves, dovetails, beaded corners, and rounded edges
  • Speeds range from 3,600 RPM to 30,000 RPM, and output levels vary from 0.2 HP to 17 HP to handle almost any production requirement
  • KNS motors have an outside rib design and labyrinth seals for problem-free operation, even in dusty environments
  • Low maintenance motors are equipped with lifetime lubricated bearings

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