Built for especially demanding applications


Ideal for high volume, heavy duty wood cutting


Special Applications

Maximum precision for a range of critical functions
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Special Applications

Perske Motors for Special Applications such as Boring, Drilling, Grinding, and Machining.
Maximum precision for a range of critical functions.

When the difference between success and failure can be measured by microns, you need Perske motors. Perske offers a line of multipurpose motors that meet the demand for extremely fine machining tolerances.

Industry applications that require Special Application motors include:

  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Automotive industry metalworking and finishing
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Plastic industry
  • Woodworking finishing

Overall features for precision, performance, & durability:

  • High-speed performance motors reach speeds ranging from 3,600 RPM to 30,000 RPM
  • Motor power ratings are rated for continuous duty
  • Lifetime lubricated, high precision bearings
  • Motors are designed for exacting and precise grinding applications on materials including wood, metals, and composites
  • Narrow motor design allows for small axial distances between the grinding wheel and machine shaft for ultimate precision when attaining extremely small tolerances
  • Careful dynamic balancing to ensure micron-quality run-out tolerances and precision cutting performance
  • Varying collet capabilities and types accommodate different grinding wheel sizes with a maximum tool shank up to 1 inch (depending on motor design)
  • Direct tool mounting options include outside tool shank with inside bore, collet and covernut, and HSK-C
  • On boring/drilling-specific motors, shaft design can incorporate an outside taper, inside bore, and outside thread or a collet and covernut

To find out more about Perske Special Application Motors, call 800 526 4066 and speak to a representative.

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